Vienna - Paris and return

Patrick Martini August 27, 2008

Yesterday, I got back to Vienna.

I was in Paris for almost one week visiting my friend Piffio.

The city is really amazing. I didn't expected something like that - a surprise in every aspect. Even though the trip got of with the wrong foot. I am the only person who can lose their ID-card after the check-in. I realized that my ID was missing shortly before boarding. The lady in charge told me: "No good, no good" shaking her head all the time. I thought: "Bang, there goes my holiday". Then she said: "Sit there! Someone is coming to figure out what we can do." Five minutes before the flight took off, the lady told me to go upstair where the check-in is located.

I ran upstairs (I think more or less as fast if not faster as Bolt). Nobody was there, but luckly I recognized a guy who was behind the check-in desk before, and who now was sitting in a bar. He was really nice and we went together to the Skyeurope office.

Here, the woman in charge said that the driving license is not a valid document. Actually, in fact, it is not but I started a "supercazzola" (it means that I tried to convince the other person by letting her believe that I knew what I was taking about) stating that according to a new EU directive the driving license is comparable for all intents and purposes to a ID.

It worked!! And I catched the plane.

In one of the next days I will post some other stories about Paris. In the meantime here are the pictures.