New Year's Resolutions

Patrick Martini April 21, 2008

I know, I know, it is April now. Maybe it is too late.

My year started by receiving a nice text message that announced: "Happy new year. I know this year will be a fantastic one for us."

Well, predicting future it is not an easy job. :) Since that text message up to now everything has changed. When saying "everything" I really mean everything. Only the job remained the same.

Therefore, I decided to make some resolutions in order to focus in which direction I am going.

Here we are:

  1. Decluttering my life in every aspect. In the near future I'll write a post about that. In the meantime, have a look at my desk so you can barely understand how much clutter is there in my life. :)

  2. Stop complaining Even if things are not going well I have to answer to questions like "How are you?" with "FINE!"

  3. Stop wasting time with stupid activities like watching Italian television

  4. Stop watching movies in bed

  5. Starting a daily routine

  6. Sop buying new books until I haven't finished all the books which are waiting to be read. I think I cannot accomplish this one :)

  7. Stop chasing people.

  8. Stop thinking at all :) I've already posted something about that.

  9. Start to do some fitness.

  10. Start learning more systematically German and English

For the time being I am on a winning streak. I hope it lasts for at least one year.