Pearl Jam - Vienna, Stadthalle

Patrick Martini August 26, 2006

Yesterday, I went to the Pearl Jam concert here in Wien.

I was there with a couple of friends (Jacopo, Roberto (aka Prada), Szymon and Martins).

The concert was really amazing.

They have played for almost 2 hours and a half.

Here the songs they played:

  1. Life Wasted

  2. Corduroy

  3. Rearviewmirror

  4. World Wide Suicide

  5. Comatose

  6. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

  7. Severed Hand

  8. Sad

  9. Gods' Dice

  10. Daughter Jeremy

  11. I Got Id

  12. Parachutes

  13. Wishlist

  14. State Of Love And Trust

  15. Why Go, Go


  1. Last Kiss

  2. Inside Job

  3. Off He Goes

  4. Black

  5. Do The Evolution

  6. Even Flow


  1. Spin The Black Circle

  2. Once

  3. Alive

  4. Fuckin' Up

  5. Yellow Ledbetter(Little Wing)

I made some videos as well. Now I need to convert them into a suitable format.