Abridge Zola Theme

Patrick Martini May 17, 2022 [Features] #config

Abridge is a fast and lightweight Zola theme using semantic html, only ~6kb css before svg icons and syntax highlighting, no mandatory JS, and perfect Lighthouse, YellowLabTools, and Observatory scores. Here is a Zola Themes Benchmarks Page.

For quick setup copy the config.toml from the abridge theme into the root of your zola site, this will give you a base configuration with all config values used.

You can then edit or comment out the values in this file as necessary.

You should also uncomment out the line #theme = "abridge" in your root zola config.toml file. This tells your root zola site to use the abridge theme in the themes folder.

You can set the number of items that appear on the home page by editing themes\abridge\content\_index.md file and adjusting paginate_by = 5

You can set the overal page width by editing themes\abridge\sass\_variables.scss file, and adjusting these two lines:

$mw:50% !default;// max-width
$mb:1200px !default;// value at which to switch from fluid layout to using max-width