Nick Hayden World Championship

Patrick Martini October 30, 2006

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That's it!!!! Hayden is the new World Champion.

The funny thing is that he thinks he won because he is the best driver.

He won only because the others this year were dogged by bad luck (Valentino, Melandri, Capirossi).

I summarize who won how many times this year:

5 - Valentino Rossi

3 - Loris Capirossi

3 - Melandri

2 - Hayden

2 - Pedrosa

1 - Bayliss

1 - Elias

The two victories of Hayden were:

Don't forget that Hayden has the best bike.

So he won the Medicroty World Championship.

So, Nicky how could you be happy for a victory like that?