What are we putting off out of fear?

Patrick Martini December 17, 2007

Usually, what we most fear doing is what we most need to do: a particular phone call, a meeting or whatever the action might be.

Like Timoty Ferris says: this is the fear of the unknown.

Often, I postpone some activities by saying: "I don't feel like it" ("non ho voglia" in Italian)

Yet, doing so doesn't help at all; if anything, it creates a lot of "open mind thoughts" - that's how I call it.

Therefore, I have recently adopted a new "technique": I make a list of all the things I recognize I'm putting off. Then, I define which item/s is/are the worst for me and I accomplish it/them immediately.

The stuff I love to do I put aside which I however accomplish when I'm tired.

The only small problem is to force myself to follow this new rule. :)

I'm lazy, you know.

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