Patrick Martini August 21, 2007

I got back to Vienna two days ago. I was in Kenya for two weeks. Very soon I will upload the pictures I took.

I know in general I have not written very much on my blog. The reasons therefore are different but the main one is that I was scared about people judging me on that also - about the level of my English. I know quite a few people who are happy when they are able to destroy a person with continuously sarcastic comments.

But I have discovered the following: they are not the problem but it's me. I give too much power to these people.

I started a blog in English to practice in order to become more confident with the language.

Well, this period is not an easy one :) During this stage of my life where I suffer quite a lot, I think about different things: First of all, who cares if people reading these sentences say that I'm stupid.

Suffering is something indispensable to improve our life. Changes can only happen once we suffer deeply. Lately, I think a lot about the death. What exactly is it?

I'm not speaking about death after a long illness. I'm speaking about people who have started their day like any other without any suspicion that this will be their last one. In the news you can hear plenty of such destinies. I think it is necessary to consider every day like your last day. I know it is not easy but if I could, I would live better.

In some situations I believe that death could also be seen as a friend; a friend that takes away lots of problems, lots of sufferings; a friend that gives you another chance.

It is important to consider death and life as one thing.

Without life death cannot exist and the other way around - like breathing in and breathing out.

Death reminds us that we have to live every second and we shouldn't use so much time to complain about ourselves. We don't have to waste time in something that produces only sufferings.

Sometimes decisions are difficult to take - not for you personally but for the people around you.

Hence, now it's time to take decisions even if other people think they are stupid.