AIME 2007 - Amsterdam

Patrick Martini July 13, 2007

Yesterday, I got back from Amsterdam where I attended the AIME 2007 conference. Amsterdam is always an amazing city and not only for the joints :)))))

Here you can find some pictures and here and here some pictures from previous visits.

The weather was a little bit crazy: sun and all of sudden storm and viceversa. This for 6 days with a break only at Sunday. We took the opportunity to make a bike tour exploring very well concealed parts of Amsterdam.

If you go a little bit further from the city center you can discover places that can really wind down.

Or at least it worked for me.

Many thanks to Kathi, she knows why :)

I have meet also interesting people. And now I have the possibility to work from Pavia for a while.That sounds great for me.

On the other hand, a lot of memories came up in my mind .......that made me sad.

Stop complaining and keep going.