Google Adsense sucks

Patrick Martini November 22, 2007

OK, I'm using some Google tools and I find them very useful, but Google closed my Adsense account unexpectedly.

Before opening my adsense account - or rather my closed account - I have read a lot of forums, thereby gathering a lot information, in order to avoid being banned.

I'm sure that I have not clicked on my ads.

I think the problem was that the pageviews of my gallery changed from 300pv/day to 10000pv/day. A friend of mine has posted some pictures of my gallery on facebook.

Consequently, I think Google has reckoned that my clicks were only coming from friends of mine.

OK, maybe this is the truth but I cannot see any illegal behaviour in that. I have some friends reading my blog and then they click on my ads. Why does this matter?

To go out with a bang the 170$ I have earned so fare have vanished into thin air. In a trice all is gone. Sniff Sniff.

I have of course protested. But the answer was that they are considering me too dangerous for their interests. Funny I'm a dangerous person. Coooollll. :)

Therefore, I'm looking for some alternatives. At the moment I'm testing:

internet marketing

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