Jun 04, 2008


It's been too long since I posted last.

Speaking with a friend of mine I realized that everything has already happened. I explain myself a little bit better.

Every situation is a repetition of a past situation. If you think - for example - either of a war, or of a relationship - only to take two examples with diametrical positions -, we can recognize some patterns.

The only thing changing are the actors involved and the epoch.

The sadness of all of this is that we do not learn anything from the past.

Is it demagogic?

Yes, it is but I do not care.

Apr 21, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I know, I know, it is April now. Maybe it is too late.

My year started by receiving a nice text message that announced: "Happy new year. I know this year will be a fantastic one for us."

Well, predicting future it is not an easy job. :) Since that text message up to now everything has changed. When saying "everything" I really mean everything. Only the job remained the same.

Therefore, I decided to make some resolutions in order to focus in which direction I am going.

Here we are:

1) Decluttering my life in every aspect. In the near future I'll write a post about that. In the meantime, have a look at my desk so you can barely understand how much clutter is there in my life. :)

2) Stop complaining Even if things are not going well I have to answer to questions like "How are you?" with "FINE!"

3) Stop wasting time with stupid activities like watching Italian television

4) Stop watching movies in bed

5) Starting a daily routine

6) Sop buying new books until I haven't finished all the books which are waiting to be read. I think I cannot accomplish this one :)

7) Stop chasing people.

8) Stop thinking at all :) I've already posted something about that.

9) Start to do some fitness.

10) Start learning more systematically German and English

For the time being I am on a winning streak. I hope it lasts for at least one year.

Apr 15, 2008


Coincidence is the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. The word is derived from the Latin /co-/ ("in", "with", "together") and /incidere/ ("to fall on").

Last Saturday something strange happened which makes me believe that coincidences are a merely illusion.

Everything happens for a reason. I don't believe that everything is already predetermined, rather I tend to think that we attract what is going to happen in our life. Saturday proved this to me.

It is unbelievable strange.

Apr 09, 2008

Stop Thinking

What does "stop thinking" mean ?

It is difficult to answer this question. How can you realize that you have really stopped the compulsory thinking process?

Isn't it true that once you check whether you are thinking or not are, you are still thinking.

Alas, it seem to be a catch-22 situation.

Lately, I really try to observe my thoughts, in particular those that are putting my mood down.

Observing my thoughts a question arises:

Who is the observer ?

If we cannot identify ourselves with our mind, who are we then ?

And what is the mind ? Why is our life dominated by our mind ?

My answers at that questions are piecemeal for the time being. I hope to find a more complete answer.

Apr 02, 2008

Take a decision

I can't make up my mind whether to fight or not to fight.

I think sometimes it is better to take a decision then staying in the middle.

The difficulty is to accept the decisions you take. I explain myself a little bit better. If I decide to fight I know that maybe I don't get the result I would like to have. This has to be accepted. Being conscious permits us to accept everything that shows up in our life. Even though we don't get what we want we should accept that.

I don't speak about resignation but about acceptance.

There is a big difference between the two.

I must get around to take a decision as soon as possible.

PS: I added new pictures! Honestly, so far there is only one picture but the others are popping up very soon.