Sep 17, 2008

Escape leaving no trace

Sometimes I am wondering how easy it would be escape leaving no trace. A lot of people I know do not have a single clue where to find me if I am not using my mobile, email, facebook and so on anymore.

In order to disapear i jotted down a todolist:

  • stop using mobile phone

  • stop using Credit Card and so on

  • change addresse

  • change work

  • try to delete all the personal information online available

  • find a fake document :) in order to take an airplane under a fake name.

That's it. Simple, isn't it ? Only to find a fake document could be problematic :)

Aug 27, 2008

Vienna - Paris and return

Yesterday, I got back to Vienna.

I was in Paris for almost one week visiting my friend Piffio.

The city is really amazing. I didn't expected something like that - a surprise in every aspect. Even though the trip got of with the wrong foot. I am the only person who can lose their ID-card after the check-in. I realized that my ID was missing shortly before boarding. The lady in charge told me: "No good, no good" shaking her head all the time. I thought: "Bang, there goes my holiday". Then she said: "Sit there! Someone is coming to figure out what we can do." Five minutes before the flight took off, the lady told me to go upstair where the check-in is located.

I ran upstairs (I think more or less as fast if not faster as Bolt). Nobody was there, but luckly I recognized a guy who was behind the check-in desk before, and who now was sitting in a bar. He was really nice and we went together to the Skyeurope office.

Here, the woman in charge said that the driving license is not a valid document. Actually, in fact, it is not but I started a "supercazzola" (it means that I tried to convince the other person by letting her believe that I knew what I was taking about) stating that according to a new EU directive the driving license is comparable for all intents and purposes to a ID.

It worked!! And I catched the plane.

In one of the next days I will post some other stories about Paris. In the meantime here are the pictures.

Jul 15, 2008

Go To Hell

Yes, I am speaking to you.

GO TO HELL. Now you can ask yourself "Why should I go to hell?"

Well, for sure there does exist a proper reason - and I'm sure you also know that.

If you wondering: "what about you?". I am already there waiting for you.

dyxj tiy (guess what it means? Just look at your keyboard)

Jul 11, 2008

The Past Our Enemy

I have already spoken about living in the present and about stop thinking. Unfortunately, sometimes to put theory into practice is more than difficult.

I have followed this philosophy for a while and it is definitely a worthwhile experience - but there is a BUT.

Even though I try constantly to follow this path, my personal past comes in and destroys everything that I have achieved so far - and then I have to start all over again.

The past is our enemy that lies in ambush waiting to come back.

It is incredible how the perspective of reality changes once we wear the glasses of the past.

I do not know whether I can ever really trust someone completely due to my past (including also my mistakes).

I must get my head around in order to get rid of it - but how?